A London Sunday

A great way to while away an Autumn day.



The weekend

Well the days are getting shorter, the temperature considerably cooler, so we wasted no time in preparing for winter – a weekend mainly consisting of eating…

Autumn leaves!

Bubbledogs – worth the wait!

Hotdogs, sweet potato fries and tots (or in aussie – gems!) and champagne – can’t go wrong.

Ceramic exhibition – culture, tick!

Then a stop at my favourite shop…

… weekend complete!



I feel like all my posts recently are holiday related! Trust me, I’m not on holiday ALL the time.

We finally had our “summer” beach holiday (in Autumn) and thankfully the sun was still shining, the sea was still warm and the prosecco chilled perfectly.

It was just what we needed to celebrate the NEWEST architect in town (after years of hard work – it’s finally all come together) – well down Mr!!

An early (budget 6am flight!) start to Naples.

Then the ferry to Capri…

Great views.

Crystal clear waters.

Stunning sunsets.

Then on to Sorrento.

Delicious fresh seafood.

The best restaurant in town by far.


Of course there was lots of pasta!

And a firework finale – obviously.

Bye Italia – we will be back!

2 days in Nice

The past few weeks have been quite busy, so I’m a bit behind.

I spent a few days with a good friend in Nice for total beach relaxation time and some yummy food.

Shutters up high.

The old town.

Cheese and wine for dinner, (why not?) with lovely Liz

I mainly sat under one of these for the majority of the time…

Or took a bit of a dip.

Before a bit more eating – Nicoise in Nice, go on then!


Our annual work trip to the south of france is always a nice time to relax by the pool and eat and drink and eat some more  – and this year was no exception.

Set amongst the olive trees and vineyards.


Always love eating outside.

Time to digest – and take in the surroundings. Pretty tough.

An evening meal at the local vineyard (my most favourite restaurant – ever, EVER ).

How amazing is this light fitting!!

oh, and the food!

Good weekend all round.

A Long Weekend

We spent the weekend camping in Dorset.

The weather (for the most part) was glorious.

We spent most of our time chatting, eating, singing and prodding the fire.

My essential supplies for the train journey.

(If you’ve never read Oh Comely – I can’t recommend it highly enough, full of fantastic articles, pics and cool stuff)

The south west countryside.

View from the campsite.

Beach time.

When the light started to fade, we lit the campfire and got dinner started.

Garlic shitake mushrooms to start.

Dinner was eaten so fast I didn’t get a chance to take a pic,

but we had Indian spiced marinated lamb and chicken pieces, sweet potatos and corn on the cob.

We chatted and sang (thanks to the talented Ad for his guitar playing) around the embers.

Lit our lanterns,

and made a wish.


For the most part, we had a good weekend – until I got poorly and had to rest (no one needs to see pics of that!!), here are the good bits…

We decided it was time to demolish the little treat we bought ourselves back from Berlin.

Cat biscuits (made of chocolate) – what’s not to love!?

Brunch at the newly opened branch of Caravan – the best brunch ever.

Avocado on toast! (and no, I couldn’t possibly make it this good at home)

Kings Cross skyline.

In the 30 degree heat we all wanted to run through these.

A stroll along the Regent’s canal.

Picnicking with good friends.

The view from Hampstead Heath.

I can’t get enough of this game!