For the most part, we had a good weekend – until I got poorly and had to rest (no one needs to see pics of that!!), here are the good bits…

We decided it was time to demolish the little treat we bought ourselves back from Berlin.

Cat biscuits (made of chocolate) – what’s not to love!?

Brunch at the newly opened branch of Caravan – the best brunch ever.

Avocado on toast! (and no, I couldn’t possibly make it this good at home)

Kings Cross skyline.

In the 30 degree heat we all wanted to run through these.

A stroll along the Regent’s canal.

Picnicking with good friends.

The view from Hampstead Heath.

I can’t get enough of this game!



We had a really busy weekend, filled with DIY & hospitals (unrelated, thankfully) – and a bit of well earned park time with friends too.

1.  All the gear…

2. A bit of tinkering…

3. Ta da! An amazing feat of engineering.

4. Get better soon N!!

5. Where?

6. Frank’s rooftop bar – delicious food from the grill –

7.  – and beautiful views across London!

8. Sunday park-time (with sun even!!).

9. And a spot of boules!

2.5 days in Berlin


Walking shoes (the before shot).

Red carpet time.

Relaxing by the lake.

Urban art.

Bier Garten’s are all over and the best place for some down time…

…before the evening begins.

Underground art.

We went to Berghain and this is the only picture we have to prove it

(and that we were allowed to take).

This place has the scariest door policy (bouncer) you’ve ever seen.

All you have to do is act really disinterested and don’t say a word in the queue – but it’s worth the hype and probably the most interesting social psychology experiment I’ve ever experienced.

Leopard print U-bahn.

Fernsehturm – Berlin’s Needle.

The best way to get around the city (apart from by bicycle).

Stadtschloss, Charlottenburg.


1. Waterproofed Minnetonkas. You can never be too careful.

2. Lunch with friends at the Dock Kitchen, Ladbroke Grove. Delicious.

3. The galaxy.

4. Scarlet & Violet, possibly the most beautiful florist I’ve been to – as recommended by the lovely Amanda – they have a mixture of vintage and new blooms, in gorgeous little jars, vintage vases and milk jugs.

5. Amanda’s purchase. Beautiful!


Confronted by my somewhat deteriorating vision, I’ve booked in to get my eyes tested. I am supposed to wear glasses when using the computer and last time I checked I was long sighted (meaning I can’t see things too close up – boyfriends included).

But it all got me thinking about how differently we all see things. What do I miss out on by not seeing the smaller stuff that’s right in front of me (cue profound metaphor)… no, but really? I guess I’ll find out after my assessment.

(The lure of a nice new pair of frames is pretty exciting too!!)

So this is the view from my desk. I like that I can look at any one of the mirrors and get a different little snapshot of something, with different textures and light. (And check out the lovely Skandium light fitting too!)








We’ve recently as in two months ago come back from a trip to Sri Lanka and India.  It was such an amazing trip and has only given me more desire to travel more.

What I notice now, looking back at our pictures, was the polarisation of the things we experienced.  Sunrise / Sunset, balloon ride/mountain hike, wandering through bustling markets/ ancient lost city ruins, happiness/ desperation.

But the one thing that stood out the most, was the chaos verse order.

The buildings and architecture seem so juxtaposed to their surroundings.  The sheer glistening whiteness of the Taj Mahal against a backdrop of smog.  The intricate marble inlay in a fort surrounded by the rubble of battles once fought.  Patterns painstakingly created in rare gem stones. And sheer grandiosity.  And all of this amongst the throngs of millions of people and poverty and life.