We had a really busy weekend, filled with DIY & hospitals (unrelated, thankfully) – and a bit of well earned park time with friends too.

1.  All the gear…

2. A bit of tinkering…

3. Ta da! An amazing feat of engineering.

4. Get better soon N!!

5. Where?

6. Frank’s rooftop bar – delicious food from the grill –

7.  – and beautiful views across London!

8. Sunday park-time (with sun even!!).

9. And a spot of boules!


Day twenty one. Happy helmet day.

Today was a momentous day.

The cyclist bought a helmet!!!  This may not seem like an exciting development, however, this purchase was the result of 2 years of persuading and arguing, and finally something twigged.

I’m not sure the cyclist realises just how happy this makes me. Although I’ll still worry, a small part of me feels just a little bit safer now.