The Olympic hangover

Sadly it’s all over for another 4 years –

Brilliant job London – you’ve really exceeded all expectations!!

Now we just have to work out what to do in the aftermath…




The Summer so far

Clear (-ish) summer skies.

A trip to the seaside and a stay in a gypsy caravan (Elvis themed obviously) for a friend’s 30 (minus 1) birthday.

A mini wedding (belated 6 month anniversary) celebration for some special friends.

Then a trip to the Olympics for some synchronised swimming action!

… oh and Bolt.

Pure gold.

2.5 days in Berlin


Walking shoes (the before shot).

Red carpet time.

Relaxing by the lake.

Urban art.

Bier Garten’s are all over and the best place for some down time…

…before the evening begins.

Underground art.

We went to Berghain and this is the only picture we have to prove it

(and that we were allowed to take).

This place has the scariest door policy (bouncer) you’ve ever seen.

All you have to do is act really disinterested and don’t say a word in the queue – but it’s worth the hype and probably the most interesting social psychology experiment I’ve ever experienced.

Leopard print U-bahn.

Fernsehturm – Berlin’s Needle.

The best way to get around the city (apart from by bicycle).

Stadtschloss, Charlottenburg.

According to the iphone

A few shots I’ve discovered from the past week…

 1. Pork bun from Spitalfields Market.

2. Contentment.

3. London at dusk – from up high.

4.  Birthday fun… (Happy Birthday CP!).. the rest of the party pics are a little blurry…

5. Mini jugs of wine from the new local… just the right size.

Perhaps I should rename this post – “things I love from the past week” …

Easter, Cornwall, UK

We’re spending the week in Cornwall, what amazing weather we’re not having, here are our days so far.

1. Sunset over Constantine Bay

2. Tintagel, view from the castle – where King Arthur once lived… or did he?

3.  Slate

4. Window to the sea

5. Wall patterns

3. Morris dancers (huh?)

4. Boscastle harbour

5. Lobster pots


Following on from my post the other week (Vision) it got me thinking about symmetry.

Results indicated that my left  eye is now weaker than my right so I have a bit of a lopsided prescription.

When I tried my new glasses on they were lopsided – which must link to my ears being lopsided (my right one being slightly lower than my left).

And then I noticed my left shoulder is a little lower than my right (probably due to my preferable carrying heavy handbag shoulder).

Coincidences? But what does it all mean? Is my left side just a bit lazy?

Apparently the Taj Mahal is symmetrical in EVERY way, except one… can you guess what it is?