A Long Weekend

We spent the weekend camping in Dorset.

The weather (for the most part) was glorious.

We spent most of our time chatting, eating, singing and prodding the fire.

My essential supplies for the train journey.

(If you’ve never read Oh Comely – I can’t recommend it highly enough, full of fantastic articles, pics and cool stuff)

The south west countryside.

View from the campsite.

Beach time.

When the light started to fade, we lit the campfire and got dinner started.

Garlic shitake mushrooms to start.

Dinner was eaten so fast I didn’t get a chance to take a pic,

but we had Indian spiced marinated lamb and chicken pieces, sweet potatos and corn on the cob.

We chatted and sang (thanks to the talented Ad for his guitar playing) around the embers.

Lit our lanterns,

and made a wish.


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