I saw these beautiful flowers at a friend’s place recently (look how shiny the leaves are!)

Me: “Where did you get these from?”

Her: ” Um….You gave them to me…”



The weekend that was

After a tough week, the weekend was much anticipated and it didn’t disappoint.

1. Lucky number 13

2. Party in the courtyard – Bartlett Summer Show

3. A special message in the post from a very special friend GirlAutomatic

4. Colour of choice

5. A French movie…

6. … and a smokey rooftop BBQ

7. Park time…

8. …topped off with a bit of retail therapy (nothing like finding an unspent voucher from christmas)!

According to the iphone

A few shots I’ve discovered from the past week…

 1. Pork bun from Spitalfields Market.

2. Contentment.

3. London at dusk – from up high.

4.  Birthday fun… (Happy Birthday CP!).. the rest of the party pics are a little blurry…

5. Mini jugs of wine from the new local… just the right size.

Perhaps I should rename this post – “things I love from the past week” …

A british weekend

1. Congratulations Queenie!

2. Alright then, let’s celebrate…

3. Toad in the hole!

4. oh yeah!

5. It doesn’t stop there… patriotic crisps even.

6. The golden boat…

7. and the rest.

8. Serpentine pavilion

9. Courtesy of Mr Heatherwick

10. Sugar rush.

 Loving the 4 day weekend…we’ve had a busy time of celebrating so far.

Beginning with a little dinner party, a boat parade, and then a day of London fun.

But it’s not over yet…