April, London and around

Posts have been a little thin on the ground recently, mainly due to a number of factors.

1. My parents have been visiting…

2. We’ve been on holiday…

3. I graduated my Masters.

4. We’ve been househunting…

5. … he’s been studying.

6. And now it’s May (nearly), time to mix things up for a fresh start – but first I’m just going to sit on the couch and eat some of these…


All Change

After much research, analysis and testing I finally received authorisation to purchase a brand spanking new dslr camera!!!! Hooray!!! And I love it!!! And I can even take pictures on it!!!

So fingers crossed things are going to be a little sharper from here on in

According to my iphone

A bit of a jumble of bits and pieces I’ve found on my phone (soon to change – stay tuned for my next post…).

1. A tropical garden.

2. London underground.

3. Catching up with friends for dinner…

4. …with beer.

5. Breakfast (Cherry Ripe – courtesy of Aussie Sarah – yum!!) on the run.

6. Work.