We’ve recently as in two months ago come back from a trip to Sri Lanka and India.  It was such an amazing trip and has only given me more desire to travel more.

What I notice now, looking back at our pictures, was the polarisation of the things we experienced.  Sunrise / Sunset, balloon ride/mountain hike, wandering through bustling markets/ ancient lost city ruins, happiness/ desperation.

But the one thing that stood out the most, was the chaos verse order.

The buildings and architecture seem so juxtaposed to their surroundings.  The sheer glistening whiteness of the Taj Mahal against a backdrop of smog.  The intricate marble inlay in a fort surrounded by the rubble of battles once fought.  Patterns painstakingly created in rare gem stones. And sheer grandiosity.  And all of this amongst the throngs of millions of people and poverty and life.


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