1. Waterproofed Minnetonkas. You can never be too careful.

2. Lunch with friends at the Dock Kitchen, Ladbroke Grove. Delicious.

3. The galaxy.

4. Scarlet & Violet, possibly the most beautiful florist I’ve been to – as recommended by the lovely Amanda – they have a mixture of vintage and new blooms, in gorgeous little jars, vintage vases and milk jugs.

5. Amanda’s purchase. Beautiful!


A Request

And here are my new glasses – as requested.  Look at how happy I am to be at work!



Following on from my post the other week (Vision) it got me thinking about symmetry.

Results indicated that my left  eye is now weaker than my right so I have a bit of a lopsided prescription.

When I tried my new glasses on they were lopsided – which must link to my ears being lopsided (my right one being slightly lower than my left).

And then I noticed my left shoulder is a little lower than my right (probably due to my preferable carrying heavy handbag shoulder).

Coincidences? But what does it all mean? Is my left side just a bit lazy?

Apparently the Taj Mahal is symmetrical in EVERY way, except one… can you guess what it is?


Slow club, Village Underground, Shoreditch

Slow club were as good as ever last night in shoreditch. They always cheer me up!


Picnic, Regents park, London

I love it when the sun comes out in London – it only means one thing – PICNIC!!

Check out our delicious spread, courtesy of our talented friends who knocked out a few salads before heading to the park (YUM!!) – they tested out their new tiffin box too, super convenient!


From the archive (4) St Ives, Cornwall